Visit to La Pedriza Interpretation Center

This is the first introduction to our environment. In this center and its garden you’ll see displays, models, audiovisuals and documentaries explaining the main characteristics about the regional park. There is also a fish tank, a rock garden, an aromatic garden, a nursery and a pond.

We can walk from Spanish school to the center.


Visit to Manzanares el Real New Castle

The Manzanares el Real New Castle, known as Mendoza Castle, is a palace-fortress built in the XV century, between  the town of Manzanares el Real and the Santillana reservoir, at the foot of Guadarrama mountains.

We can walk from our Spanish classes to The Castle.

The Manzanares el Real New Castle

Horse ride across La Pedriza

  • Introduction to horses: what they are, what they eat, how to deal with them, etc.
  • Beginning in the riding arena and working out with the tackle.
  • Horse Ride across La Pedriza
  • Shower and brush.
  • From our Spanish summer camp to the riding center is a nice ten minute walk
Horse Riding

Rock climbing

La Pedriza is a wonderful place to climb, it’s very well  known by climbers in Spain, and Europe.

Climbing sounds risky, but is less dangerous than other sports. We consider it an absolutely safe activity, a real challenge for children.

From Spanish summer camp we can see climbers in the rock walls.

Rock Climbing

La Pedriza-Sleep over

We’ll go to La Pedriza to sleep over on Friday night. We will go to El Yelmo, where we´ll enjoy beautiful views of nature and we’ll see Madrid city in the distance. It is very easy to see Griffon Vultures in their nests and mountain goats.

We´ll sleep in the refuge Giner de los Rios, It is a nice house in the middle of La Pedriza, its caretaker is a friendly person who will take care of us.

We´ll enjoy the Manzanares River and its famous Green Pool,  where we can swim.

Bike Riding

We’ll cycle from Spanish summer camp to El Boalo town, and we´ll visit other towns, Cerceda and Mataelpino, depending of the ability of each student.