We have our own Spanish summer camp magician, who will put on a great performance and teach us some magic tricks.



There will be a drumming workshop for everyone, with a professional teacher.

We introduce the drumming world to teenagers, through funny games and different rhythms.

We highlight the importance of  listening, silence and working in a group.


In our Spanish classes everyday we will learn song lyrics in preparation for a singing “talent contest”!

Drumming Karaoke

Summer festival

To say summer is to say festival in our towns. In July and August there will be festivals in our towns, we,ll enjoy the activities and the performances with the children.

Without a doubt whatsoever festival will be the most original, different and funny thing to happen all year.

The host families will participate in our activities to the greatest extent possible.  Some activities we will share with the young people (or youth groups/clubs) of our town.

Cooking Spanish food

Everybody enjoy Spanish food when they visit Spain. Why not enjoy it in your own country, in your own house. You will learn here and you could prepare Spanish food to your family when you come back at home.