Spanish Summer Camp

As children need to  enjoy  themselves while they learn, our classes are very dynamic. Therefore we use games, books, CD, DVD.  We teach many things about our culture (food, traditional parties, sports…).  Every day our Spanish class starts by talking about the activity we did the day before and about the activities we will do on the day. This makes the class fun and dynamic. Children want to know about the activities, it’s their big motivator.

University degree

The teachers are professional Spanish teachers, they have a University degree in Spanish language  or  the INSTITUTO CERVANTES’s certificate, with experience and they continue their training by attending courses on a regular basis focused on our needs in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Excellent qualifications

The management at Spanish in Nature is structured into Direction of Studies and Coordination of Activities. The members of our team have excellent qualifications, both personal and professional, for the work that they do.
They have been chosen because of their dedication and attention to our students, ensuring that their stay is quite unforgettable, and having their welfare at heart.

study and live at Teacher´s Home

Home Language Tuition is one of the most effective methods of language learning, the entire course consists of individual tuition which not only maximises the student´s contact with the language but also allows the course to be adapted to the precise level and needs of each participant.

Spanish for Family

A full Spanish immersion experience with constant opportunities to practise the language within a family community where as children as adults could interact with equals.