Information for Parents


 Health Care

Spain has a National Health System that provides health care to citizens in public centres.

1. If you are a citizen of the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you will need to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you come so you are entitled to medical treatment in Spain.  Get in contact with your local health authority.

2. If you come from a country other than those listed above, before you come check if there is an agreement between your country and Spain regarding Social Security and medical care. If there is, the public health authorities in your country should process the corresponding document so that you may be entitled to medical treatment.

3. If your country does not have an agreement with Spain, remember that you must take out private medical insurance.


We count on reliable companies and professionals, they have the appropriate insurance for the activities they develop with us, just for your  peace of mind and mine too.

Further, in Spanish in Nature each pupil will have an accident and health insurance included in the price. We will send you the insurance company`s coverage .

 Remember, Within 3 minutes by car, in Manzanares el Real we have a health center open 24 hours a day . In Collado Villalba to 15 minutes by car there is a new and big Hospital.

When do you need a visa?

If you’re a non-EU citizen and are staying in Spain to study for more than three months, you’ll need a student visa. In the case that your studies are due to last more than six months you’ll also need a student residence permit.


No. Your flight is the only part which is not included in the service we offer.

Children are allowed to travel alone from 12 years old on with some flight companies. Accompaniment service is offered by other companies with  an extra fee. Please, ask the company.

We pick up every child at the airport.

Contact your children:

You will be able to talk to your child during the school break, from 15.00 to 17.00, using skype or telephone. Children will have the oportunity to check their e-mails in the school. Also you might contact  your child later in the host family house.

Even more, at the end of every day we will provide information and pictures about the activities, or you can check our facebook and twitter.

Teachers and instructor:

Once you contract our services, we will send you further information and pictures about the staff who will work with your children in our Spanish summer camp.

Host families:

We know all our host families well and  meet them every day, wich makes it  easy to monitor how your children are getting on with their host families. We know you may be concerned about this, so we provide you with information about the host family before your child comes to Spain.


We also provide you with all your child´s timetable information before they travel to Spain.


Pupils will be all day under our supervision, not only during class time,also during activities. We will help teachers and monitor all day and will join in activities. Remember children will share time during break times with our own family.


After the Spanish summer camp finishes, we will send you a progress report for your child.

Please, feel free to ask us everything that you need to know.