Spanish homestay and Spanish Inmersion


Learn the Spanish language through activities daily. Prepare the meals in Spanish, go to the market in Spanish, chat about the exquisite wine that you are drinking (for adults) with your teacher, spend time in street  with your new friend, enjoy  a movie from the comfort of your couch and discuss it with your friends or family… in Spanish.

All in Spanish. 

Remember that learning a language is learning a culture, and culture is nothing more than a way of life.

What a better way to learn and assimilate a culture than to live it to the maximum, in your flesh, as a regular Spaniard would do.


Give your children the oppourtunity to learn spanish avoiding hundreds of boring study hours. We sugest you to travel with your family to live a  Spanish full inmersion homestay experiencie with us.

You will host in the teacher´s house, with private bathroom and fullboard. Three hours a day of spanish lessons, for parents and children (with different teacher if your level is different).

You will enjoy activities with the teacher´s family in your free time.

This is a perfect programme for families who want to learn spanish and live a diferent holidays.



Summer camp for students from 13 to 17 years old.

Maximum 20 students,  6 to 8 pupils for group.

An exciting opportunity to learn spanish enjoying an immersion in the language and culture, living with a  host family carefully choosen for us.

Spanish immersion homestay.

4 hours of classes a day.

Daily activities in nature and city, and trips on weekends.



The best way to learn or to improve Spanish quickly.

It is an intensive program,  living and studyng in our house, with your private teacher and his warm family.

Where you will feel at your own home.

The students will only speak Spanish all day round with the teacher, teacher´s family, friends and neighbors.

You will also practice Spanish in the activities and workshops that we have daily.

Maximun 3 students


Wonderful experience. Both Alvaro, Esther, and their children could not have been friendlier, or more patient with our Spanish learning. Our family is mixed in our spanish speaking abilities with our teenagers already being well advanced over my wife and I. They handled this perfectly and adjusted both classes and conversations towards our respective levels. Our living area and their house was so clean, roomy, and comfortable!!

We previously did a home-stay in Costa Rica and although we loved Costa Rica, Spanish in Nature exceeded all expectations and was significantly better for practicing/learning spanish. A big reason is class doesn’t end with the classroom session but continues during all meals and past-times. The family took us on excursions to museums, castles, and ancient Roman towns you would not normally see on a trip to Madrid. They took us on mountain hikes, one of their favorite pastimes, but more importantly, they used every excursion as an opportunity to teach spanish from the different words you learn in class to just basic conversations while on a hike.

Their cooking is fabulous and love of their own country and desire to show it to you is contagious. My kids enjoyed every single day there; so much they literally want to move there. My teenagers attended Lucia’s (their oldest daughter) school one day, we went out one night for drinks and a live band downtown in the small town they live near. We begrudgingly left for Barcelona for the remainder of our holiday. We honestly feel like we left friends that we hope to keep for a long-long time and if anyone in their family comes to the US, we would love to host them.

Fantastic learning program in a wonderful location, excellent mixte of outdoor activities and city discoveries. Tailored made learning, great families to spend evenings and share memories with. I can’t change the rating to 5 stars…technoligical issue – but overall it deserves 10 ! Great organisation, small enough to be flexible, but very well organised. Thanks Again for Eliott who is now happy to speak spanish home (with himself I am afraid !). Expect to see Eliott back and our 2 other sons soon ! PLease not that We would be also interested to spend one week learning as a familiy – -starting from scratch for 4 members – + Eliott -. Many thanks again. Stephanie

We are mature students who have attended, over many years, Spanish language courses both in Spain and here in the UK.   During September 2017 we had a one week total immersion experience at “Spanish in Nature” – situated within the lovely Guardarrama National Park  not far from Madrid.      The school provided transport to/from the airport as well as daily, after school, visits to places of interest that we thoroughly enjoyed.

At “Spanish in Nature” –  the impressive high standard not only of teaching but: the accommodation, tasty meals and all-round attention to detail far exceeded our expectations.  Most importantly our language proficiency increased immeasurably.

All this leaves us with no hesitation in recommending  a stay with: Alvaro, Esther and family at “Spanish in Nature” –  you will not be disappointed.

Mike Thomas and Richard Galloway

Our family had an amazing week with Esther, Alvaro and their family! My children (ages 4, 6 and 10) acquired language, learned about the Spanish culture, made friends and had fun! Our experience with Spanish in Nature has my kids very interested in learning more Spanish, and they are insisting I speak Spanish with them at home. I had a great week of classes with Alvaro. His lessons were perfectly suited to my needs as a language learner, and his methods kept me interested and engaged. Esther and Alvaro made us feel so welcome in their home, and our time with them was our best travel experience yet!

When looking for a solution for my teenage girls (12 and 14) to study spanish in Spain, I came across the offer of Spanish in Nature. It promised (and kept its promise) to offer a learning experience in a rural environment, where learning in the school building one part among others. Afternoon activities such as horse riding, hiking, mountain biking or cooking not only offered fun, compagnionship and real life practice of the newly acquired language skills – my girls loved every single afternoon. The warmth of the host families not only made my girls feel super-cosy, but also were an assurance for us as parents, that the spanish in Nature camp was the perfect alternative for the early teenage age group compared to a school in the cities: Inspiration and outdoor activities in a beautiful surrounding instead of going shopping or to a disco as a highlight of the day (as it seems to be in many urban language schools).
My daughters took home a great alround experience, and obviously they have profited for their upcoming school year. Thank you Esther&family,

At the end of May I stayed in El Boalo, Madrid for an immersion course called “Spanish in Nature” (as it’s located in the heart of Guadarrama National Park, in the mountains). It’s been an unusual experience to me,  the family that provided me with everything in their own house were amazing. They’ve treated me like one of them, cooked delicious Spanish food and spent with me a lot of quality time. With the variety of activities I had every day (like participating in the local events, family life, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, cycling, visiting Madrid and Segovia and so on) it was impossible to be bored. To combine such entertainment with speaking Spanish all the time, to me, was the best way to acquire the language. Apart from that, I had 3 hours of proper classes every day. I’m surprised how one week of the course made me more confident speaking Spanish and not Spanglish.
Esther, Álvaro and their children are particularly open, caring, patient and interesting people and I would totally recommend their courses to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish.