We always value feedback from all of our students  and here is what some of our students thought of us.


Las clases son excelentes y hay un ambiente muy agradable para que pueda sentirme cómoda hablando libremente sin preocuparme de mis errores.
El contenido proporcionado es bueno porque hay una mezcla entre leer y eschuchar cuando envian el material antes de la sesión. El contenido siempre ha sido adecuado a mi nivel. Para mí preguntas más cortas y respuestas con un estilo más interactivo de una conversación es bueno. Los temas. Los temas me ayudan a formar opiniones en español que es importante ya que tengo un montón de opiniones 😅 Buen trabajo, bravo .. estoy muy agradecida

I was fortunate enough to be able to take a History of Spain course online through Spanish in Nature during the pandemic. I had been wanting to learn more about Spanish history in general in a structured setting but didn’t want to commit to a semester-long college course. This course was just the right length (4 weeks) and included just enough homework outside of class to help reinforce what we talked about (in Spanish, of course!) during class. I’m looking forward to having more courses with Esther and Álvaro!

Llevo mucho tiempo estudiando español pero mi español escrito y leído estaba mucho mejor que el hablado. Esther y Alvaro me han ayudado mejorar de alguien que fracasa en cuanto abría la boca a uno con la confianza a hablar con mis compañeros de trabajo españolas de otros temas que el tiempo.
Los dos hablan claramente y entendible y nos han guiado con preguntas interesantes y inteligentes. He disfrutado el grupo de estudiantes, somos de diferentes países, formaciones y intereses y esta diversidad ha añadido mucho al ambiente de la conversación.
Las grabaciones de las conversaciones me han dado cada vez menos vergüenza, las enlaces de internet que nos dieron han estado interesantes y gozosas y la reacción sobre los errores que hago en las discusiones ha sido muy útil para mí.
Esther y Álvaro son muy empaticos, me han dado muchísima más confianza con el español conversacional y debo dar gracias a mis compañeras del grupo;Zakiyya, Alyesha y Mary, todas tan diferentes como está posible pero muy agradables y tolerante de mis opiniones y intereses polémicos.
Me gustaría recomendar estas clases de conservación por Zoom a cualquiera estudiante de español
Having not studied Spanish since I was at school I decided that lockdown would be a good time to try to pick it up again. I started with one of the popular online apps but soon found the format too limiting and boring. In seeking out other resources online I came across Spanish in Nature, a small language school based in a little town to the north of Madrid in the Guadarrama National Park. Stuck at home in lockdown I longed to be able to visit in person but as this wasn’t possible I decided to try one of the online courses offered by Esther and Álvaro, the lovely couple that run the business from their home.
I have to admit being very nervous and tongue-tied in my initial Zoom call with Esther (all in Spanish) but she was super friendly and professional and I signed up for a 4 week class on Spanish expressions. The informality and richness of the natural dialogue was a world away from the online app I’d been using and just what I was after. We were a small group of 3 plus Álvaro the teacher and it was great, although I won’t pretend it wasn’t quite challenging for me (Álvaro and Esther help determine your level and therefore the appropriate class to join). I went on to do a class on Spanish Geography which was really interesting and excellent for learning not only the language but also about the country. It really whetted my appetite for getting back to Spain.
Esther and Álvaro really care about their students and create a warm family feel to their business. The follow up from the classes was also excellent, with helpful tips and websites provided. They also corrected written work. I have been very happy with my experience so far and would encourage anyone thinking of learning or improving their Spanish to give Spanish in Nature online classes a go.
I have recently completed two very enjoyable online courses via Zoom with Spanish in Nature. The teachers were extremely patient and helpful and with a maximum group size of four there were lots of opportunities to speak. All sessions were recorded and I found it very useful to listen to the recordings afterwards. I like the fact that Spanish in Nature is offering stand alone four week modules on a variety of topics which I can use to complement and extend my language learning experience. I also appreciate the follow up materials that Esther and Alvaro send me regularly. I feel like I am a member of a supportive language learning club.😀

Unable to travel to Spain during lockdown, I have enjoyed taking part in two zoom sessions, studying Spanish with Spanish in Nature. The whole learning experience is enhanced by meeting new people to discuss interesting topics in small groups, led by Esther and Álvaro of Spanish in Nature. Our host tutors soon made us feel comfortable in the Zoom environment and skillfully enabled the enjoyable learning experience. If you can’t go to Spain this summer to improve your Spanish, I strongly recommend that you let them come to you via the zoom sessions. Incapaz de viajar a España durante el encierro, disfruté participando en dos sesiones de zoom, estudiando español con Spanish in Nature. Toda la experiencia de aprendizaje se ve reforzada al conocer gente nueva para hablar de temas interesantes en pequeños grupos, liderados por Esther y Álvaro de Spanish in Nature. Nuestros tutores anfitriones pronto nos hicieron sentir cómodos en el entorno de Zoom y permitieron hábilmente la agradable experiencia de aprendizaje. Si no puede ir a España este verano para mejorar tu español, te recomiendo encarecidamente que los dejes venir a ti a través de las sesiones de zoom.

I really enjoyed the Spanish in Nature Geography of Spain course. The 4 lessons were based on an imaginative concept of following four routes through Spain including the Santiago Way. It really helped my Spanish giving me the impetus to read and prepare a presentation in preparation for the class. There was plenty of opportunity in the class for speaking with each student taking the lead for a part of the class presenting their research. The teachers were excellent, speaking clearly, explaining point as needed and encouraging each student to participate.
I would thoroughly recommend this course.

I have enjoyed participating in Spanish in Nature’s online classes. It has helped me learn Spanish conversation through excellent teachers, other students and from learning from my own mistakes. Besides that, the content is very interesting, involving Spanish history and geography and Spanish language expressions. It has challenged me, but that is the best way to learn.

Gracias Esther, Alvaro y Lucia por una experiencia tan linda y interesante. Fue un placer participar en el curso de geografia con ustedes. Espero participar en mas clases y programas juntos.
I participated in a geography program, during 4 consecutive weeks. It was a pleasure to get to know Esther, Alvaro and Lucia. They were so kind and knowledgeable and it made the program even more interesting. The small online group (4 students) allowed each of us to practice and improve conversational, written and reading skills.
I hope that I will have a chance to learn and spend more time with them one day in their home too and not just through the screen.
If you´re looking for an original and fun way to learn Spanish and and Spanish culture than you found the right place.

I’m 37 years old and I spent 1 week with Esther and family in November to improve my very basic Spanish, it has been a great experience! Before getting there my doubts were about how it would feel to live 24/7 with a family within their house and also if my Spanish would really progress in just 1 week. In fact living in the house has been very easy and interaction with the family has been full of very interesting conversations, you have your space and the whole family is very friendly and easy going, we had a lot of interesting conversations. Regarding the classes they have been able to tailor made them to my needs which made me progress quite rapidly, moreover speaking the whole time Spanish during the day helped me a lot. They really make a great effort to make you speak the whole day ;) On top of that the location is impressive and very relaxing and the house very cozy and clean. Concerning the activities I was able to decide what to do and had nice cultural visits and outdoor activities. I can warmly recommend Spanish in Nature!

I had some of the best two weeks of my life at Spanish in Nature! I was super nervous having never traveled by myself or been to Spain before, and was and self-conscious about my Spanish. But thanks to the incredibly friendly hosts Esther and Alvaro (and family!), that didn’t last long at all. I felt at home immediately and very well cared for, they go above and beyond.

I really enjoyed the formal lessons, which were pitched at just the right level for me with friendly and helpful teachers. And then being able to practice Spanish at mealtimes and during excursions was a great way to try out and consolidate what I had learnt in a low pressure environment. Speaking of mealtimes… the food! Esther is a magnificent cook! We had such a delicious variety of typical Spanish dishes for every meal, and beautifully modified to be vegetarian to accommodate for me.

The home/school is in a stunning area of Spain, and it was just magical to go walking with Esther or Alvaro (both of whom have good knowledge of fauna and ecosystems) in the nearby national parks. The trips into Madrid and surrounding cities were so enjoyable, and having a Spaniard to show me around and explain the history was a real treat. Esther even organised for me to go to a local workshop about fungi, which is a particular interest of mine. This was a truly tailored experience that I could never have arranged on my own.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this experience to anyone and I hope to return sometime soon.

Me gustaba interactuar con la familia. Además los anfitriones son cocineros excelentes. Así que nuestras comidas eran divinas. Si quiere mejorar su español en un ambiente divertido y libre de estrés, elige Spanish in Nature. La casa es encantadora y cómoda y la vista de las montañas es hermosa. Los profesores fueron fantásticos.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Spanish in Nature. What a great experience! I decided that an immersion course was necessary for me to improve my Spanish language abilities, and Spanish in Nature was the perfect setting to do so. Esther and Alvaro were incredible hosts who were genuinely interested in helping me. The course was well-organized, full of activities, educational, and fun! I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their conversational Spanish along with learning more about the culture and history of Spain.

Fabulous week spent with Esther, Alvaro and their lovely family. We stayed with them as a family with our 3 teenagers. We were kept very busy – great lessons in the morning, followed by a mixture of sightseeing and enjoying hikes in the beautiful national parks. We had time again to practice our Spanish again over delicious evening meals with both families around their big dining table. They are very kind and welcoming and I would highly recommend a stay.

My time at Spanish in Nature was everything I had hoped for and more. The family is delightful, the teaching excellent, the house, accommodation and surroundings are lovely and relaxing….and don’t be surprised if you put on weight as the food is fabulous too! There were also lovely and interesting excursions each day. The whole process of booking, follow up and (for me an important point) pickup from the airport in Madrid all worked perfectly.
I was a solo student and loved every minute of it – and with no chance of slipping back into English I really had to stretch my language skills.

The week rushed by and I wanted more! I will definitely do it again. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

My family and I had a fun and productive week at Spanish in Nature. Esther, Alvaro and their family were welcoming from the minute we arrived. El Boalo is a tranquil and relaxing area in the mountains outside of Madrid so it was easy to study without distractions. The house is very comfortable and very clean and has an inviting garden and beautiful views of the mountains. Esther is a fantastic cook so we had three delicious meals a day. Esther always made sure to prepare a variety of typical healthy Spanish dishes so it was a great opportunity to eat like a Spaniard. The teachers they hired were great – very friendly and knowledgeable and they really tailored the classes to meet our needs. Esther and Alvaro were always very thoughtful about planning afternoon excursions. They wanted to make sure we visited places that were educational and enjoyable, in addition to doing activities that were new for us. We went hiking and horseback riding, they took us to a local castle, in addition to visiting the towns of Avila and Alcala de Henares – places we mutually agreed on. They are flexible and willing to show you around the places you choose. I would highly recommend this program to anyone – whether it is your first time to Spain or your twentieth. You will learn a lot and enjoy yourselves.

My daughter Amy attended the Summer school this year. She had a fabulous time learning Spanish, gaining independence and making some great friends. Amy particularly enjoyed the activities..sleeping under the stars was a high point. Her Spanish has improved greatly and she can now knock up a lovely Spanish Tortilla for our dinner! Many thanks for all you hard work and support of Amy, great preparation for her GCSE.

My 15 year old spent two weeks in July, 2019, at Spanish in Nature.

Though she has travelled extensively, this was her first time navigating a large airport and flying internationally by herself. As a parent, I was, of course, a bit apprehensive, but, upon landing, she was greeted with the smiling faces of her host parent and program director who immediately sent me a “the package has landed” photo of the three of them.

I fully appreciated the friendly communication with me that morning and throughout the course of the two weeks that my daughter was in the program. I received regular updates from Esther Campos describing how she was doing in classes and how she was interacting with her peers. And I received photos of the kids as they partook in the afternoon activities.

The feedback I received directly from my daughter was all enthusiastically positive.

She immediately felt comfortable with her host family, and immediately connected with others in the group, kids from different European countries and of different ages. In fact, she continues now, three months later, to talk regularly with the friends that she made during those two weeks.

She also felt comfortable and challenged in the Spanish classes, and, as she noted, being around kids who spoke multiple languages was inspirational. Later, when she and I travelled in northern Spain, I was impressed by the improvement in her language skills, in her willingness to practice those skills with non-English speakers as we navigated through small towns, often lost. Her current Spanish teacher has also noted the improvement–the added confidence to speak up in class and the greater ability to hear the nuances of the pronunciation.

She also felt that there was nice balance between class time and activity time, and that there was a nice variety of activities that, because of the program’s location in the mountainous countryside, she might not have otherwise experienced–horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, spending a night under the stars… And though the campus is outside of Madrid, she still felt that she came to know (and love) the city and all it has to offer–the students visited museums and other sites, shopped, ate great food, and explored the city with program leaders and on their own.

Perhaps for me, the greatest measuring stick of the success of the program, aside from her improved language skills, is that fact that my daughter would like to return to Spanish in Nature next summer for another two week session. For that, I thank all of the people involved who made her experience so wonderfully positive.

My daughter Laoise (16 years) spent two weeks at the Spanish and Nature Camp in Madrid. Laoise thoroughly enjoyed her experience in class and all the activities, the highlight being sleeping out doors under the stars. Laoise’s host family were exceptional and made Laoise feel so welcome in their home. The family kept in regular contact with me by WhatsApp which gave me great peace of mind. Laoise is still in contact with the host family. There has been a big improvement in Laoise’s spanish as noticed by her teacher in school. I would highly recommend spanish in nature, thank you Esther and co. Kind regards Mags and Tony

“My children absolutely loved Spanish in Nature. They returned saying it was “brilliant” and looking forward to going again next year. Every aspect was great – They learned loads of Spanish, the activities sounded wonderful and the host family was just lovely and incredibly welcoming. They also met a lovely set of children.
I can’t recommend it more highly”

Gaia just finished her two weeks , and she already misses you all . She had the most amazing time , made new international friends and had her best two weeks ever . I was so lucky to come across their web site and from the first answer I’ve received from Esther, I realized that this was the type of experience I wanted for my daughter . This family run Spanish school is doing a super job not only in teaching them Spanish but also in giving them the right balance between free time and organized activities . I’ ve also been very pleased with Gaia’s host family , Esther and Nora that made her feel like a member of the family .
I would definitely suggest Esther school to everyone willing to do an authentic experience in Spanish life and culture while improving Spanish . And last but not least , the location is super ❗️Bravi ? ciao see you soon Monica

My daughter had an amazing week at the Spanish camp – they did so many different activities and she learnt so much. She found it hard in places and was homesick but her family were incredible and in touch a lot and so was Esther. Every morning she would send me pictures of the day before and ask how things were going. My daughter is super keen to come back next year and is bringing a friend! You can be sure that the children are well looked after with lots of attention – it’s a great place to study – the house and mountains are beautiful and the children all seemed to have a good time. The highlight was definitely spending the night under the stars in the mountain! Thanks so much!

Spanish In Nature was recommended to me by a friend. Matthieu was supposed to stay for only a week, but he called me from the camp after few days to ask if he could stay a week more, which he did (thanks Esther for making this last minute change possible). He had a fantastic time, and appreciated especially the activities, canoeing, horse ridding etc… He spend each week in 2 different families where he got the best welcome possible. He had a great birthday party at the camp. Thanks to everyone, and especially to Esther who is always available for any question and keen to solve any issue. Last information, Matthieu has improved his Spanish and feels much more confident for Spanish classes next year at the lycée. He will definitely come back at Spanish In Nature.

My son attended a Spanish in nature camp last July and couldn’t have had a better time. He loved the family that hosted him, all the people he met and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities that were offered (even the cooking!). Despite being apprehensive about the lessons (initially resenting the school attendance concept during his holidays) he not only loved the lessons, but was chuffed to be in the strongest class and is now fully confident in Spanish.
He has now requested to return so I could rate them more highly.
The orgnisation was perfectly coordinated and the group size was modest therefore family size.
Unforgettable experience!

The summer course with Spanish in Nature has been a great experience!
From our first contact with Ester and Alvaro everything has been handled professionally, super friendly and with a big heart.
Our daughter enjoyed the studies, the activities and her lovely host family. It has been a great meeting with Spanish culture and language. Since our daunters’s been home we have been served both Tortilla de patata and a yummy Spanish rice dish. :-)
On her return to Sweden our daughter had some problems with her flight and Esther hurried to the airport and picked her up for an extra night with the host family. We couldn’t be more grateful!
So in conclusion: Great teachers, a lovely host family that that really made our daughter feel at home, a safe and friendly environment and an awesome time.
Highly recommended!

It was such an exciting trip, packed full with opportunities to learn the language or to learn about Spain’s fascinating culture. My host family were extremely kind and always helpful if we ever struggled with vocabulary. The teachers at the school were enthusiastic and made learning a true pleasure. There were also excursions every day and for me personally they were my absolute favourite part; there was so much fun to be had, but at the same time you were always speaking Spanish. The overall experience was incredible, it really allowed you to immerse yourself into the Spanish way of life. Thank you so much to everyone.

The kids loved coming back for their second year! They loved coming back to their host families, all the activities and more importantly their Spanish and friendships continue to grow. Thank you Esther and Alvaro for giving tjem such a unique opportunity.

One of the best decisions we have ever made…

We were slightly nervous at sending our fourteen year old daughter somewhat into the unknown for the summer camp with Esther and Alvaro at Spanish in Nature, however, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. From the initial enquiry stage, through booking, packing, arriving, the duration of the camp and even on our daughter’s return, Esther kept us fully informed and moreover continuously delighted and impressed by the opportunities and experiences that were on offer. Our daughter had the most incredible time being totally immersed in the Spanish language and culture as well as making new friends from around the world and having daily adventures in the beautiful location where the school is set. She returned to England rightly proud of herself with a huge improvement in her spoken and written Spanish. However, even more than that she has grown in confidence and maturity as a person from the wonderful experiences she has had. We also can’t thank her kind host family enough who along with their two children made her stay the most fun and happy as well as educational time. Our daughter is already trying to plan to attend again next year!

“The best two weeks of my life”…this is how my son, Cillian, described his experience with the Spanish in Nature summer camp. Our son was at the tender age of 12 when he went over, we were naturally a bit apprehensive and nervous about him going away on his own for the first time. Add to that , a new language, new culture, a new family, new food, new family etc, there was plenty for us to be worried about. Well, I can safely say, that there was no need. Every single thing was organised in the most professional way possible. Esther’s communications with us, before and during his stay, were fantastic. She answered every single query, some of which I’m sure, she thought, were beyond silly or obvious. The host family that were chosen for Cillian could not have been better, they were absolutely fantastic and it was very obvious that a great deal of consideration was given to his age, his interests, his safety and his needs. The range of after-class activities were hugely impressive, Cillian has told us that there was not one that he didn’t like, although sleeping under the stars was his favourite. The ‘leaders’ on these trips were all fun and engaging. And finally, he loved the Spanish lessons with Alvaro, he loved the variety and also the fact that they took place in so many different locations.

Our son had an amazing adventure, learned so much, made some great friends and experienced so much of the Spanish culture. Massive thanks to Esther and Alvaro for being so helpful and accommodating, you helped to give Cillian memories that will last a lifetime. Huge respect and gratitude also to Maria, Manola and Manu for taking Cillian into your home and making him feel like a family member. ( He is missing Maria’s fabulous cooking and wants to following in Manola’s steps and become an ironman!!! I think he could have a friend for life in Manu and will be eagerly watching out for Atlético Madrid’s results. )

The two weeks helped so much in building our sons confidence, whilst making him realise the benefits of hard work. We, in turn, are extremely proud of what he has achieved and learnt during the fortnight in Spain. Needless to say, Cillian has been pestering us on a daily basis since he got home, asking if he can go back next year. I believe that’s the highest recommendation that I could possibly give ‘Spanish in Nature’. Gracias, Thank you for everything.

Well Sylvie is back from her amazing week in the mountains with Esther and Alvaro and their family … for anyone looking to learn Spanish, or about Spain, in an incredible location, we couldn’t recommend Spanish in Nature highly enough!! Thank you! Already planning next visits!

My Spanish in Nature experience was exactly what I wanted. Having attended various schools and immersion programs in Spain since 2012, this program nicely suited my current needs and wishes. I am a senior and although at an advanced level in Spanish, I still struggle with the typical difficulties that English speakers encounter. Esther and Álvaro are adept at fostering conversation, correcting without interrupting the flow, and explaining concepts when necessary. I enjoyed having the two other motivated participants (at my level and my generation) for the social interaction and because we learned from, and consoled, one another. Participants’ accommodation is on ground level, apart from the family, with spacious bedrooms and two full bathrooms for three guests. Very comfortable! Delicious, healthy and plentiful food and beverages were provided. I had to ask for smaller servings! Daily excursions varied from walking in nature to touring historical sites. Their menu of activities is long enough to encourage a second visit. Esther and Álvaro clearly enjoy their work. They are sincere, cheerful, interested, interesting, skilled individuals who work well as a team. And they are warm and encouraging parents. They capably accommodated the needs of their family without faltering in their obligations to three program participants. I would return!

‘Our daughter spent a week ‘living with a host family’ at Spanish in Nature during the summer half term. As an A’ Level student half way through the course Spanish in Nature offered our daughter the chance to practice conversing in Spanish on a day to day basis, and also the chance to visit some local cultural places which she has been learning about as part of her A’ Level course. Communication before our daughter enrolled, and the lead up to her stay at El Boalo, and the follow up afterwards was detailed and appreciated. Our daughter really enjoyed the whole experience and we were confident she was being looked after well during her stay. Spanish in Nature has the flexibility to cater for the individual needs of each student which was what appealed to us in the first place. And the fact that the school is in a beautiful part of Spain within easy reach of Madrid.
Mother of 17yr old student May 2019

Coming back to Spanish in Nature for a second linguistic immersion felt very much like visiting old friends. Esther and Alvaro have this incredible ability to make students feel at home in their beautiful house, while juggling family life and the requirements of the School.
Alvaro, Ana and Lucia, my teachers, were able to zero in exactly on what I needed to learn and design lessons accordingly. My skills improved considerably in a week, which helped sustain my interest in continuing to learn Spanish at home and become fluent.
I really appreciated the time and energy spent by Esther and Alvaro in offering an extensive cultural program. Visits to Segovia, Avila, the Escorial, Alcala de Henares and the Valle de los Caídos were among the highlights of my trips to Spain.
Spanish in Nature offers an incredible linguistic and cultural immersion in a unique family setting. I can’t imagine a better way to discover Spain.

I booked a one week Spanish in Nature: Personal Teacher & Homestay program for my 16 year old son and I as part of a 15 day tour of Spain from Australia, relying solely on the effusive online reviews of Spanish in Nature’s past students and parents. After spending a wonderful week with Esther, Alvaro and family in June 2019, I am happy to say that the reviews, superlatives and all, are genuine and accurate.

The teaching was perfectly tailored to our respective levels and expertly delivered by Alvaro as well as 2 wonderful, interesting and talented local professoras, Ana and Lucia on different days. A full 3 hours of language classes each morning (2 hours individually and 1 hour together, to allow for our different levels) were packed with interesting discussions and practical tips.

Of course the classes were only the tip of the iceberg – the whole experience was so much more. Esther and Alvaro’s home is beautiful and comfortable, and their family always made us feel welcome and at home – sharing wonderful meals together, swimming in the pool and visiting local towns – like we were part of the family (just much slower in communicating in Spanish!). We also had our own space if and when we needed it.

They always showed patience, generosity and kindness in looking after us, showing us around, visiting a range of interesting historical and other attractions both nearby and further afield including Segovia and central Madrid, all the while conversing with us in Spanish (helping out where necessary) about our experiences, Spain, history, culture, food, music, each other and the world.

A first rate language and cultural immersion experience which I highly recommend.

I recently spent a homestay week with Spanish in Nature. It was a highlight of my holiday and at the end of the week I felt very sad to leave. My level of spoken Spanish was very basic and I didn’t realise until I left how much my confidence and ability had improved.
The family is beautiful – friendly, open and very patient, the accommodation is very comfortable and the home cooked food was delicious and plentiful.
The teachers prepared morning lessons that were challenging, fun and level appropriate and the afternoon excursions were interesting and varied. My favourites were a walk in the beautiful mountains nearby and a tour of Madrid followed by a Flamenco show.
Esther and Alvaro work hard and have put a lot of thought into delivering a fantastic language, culture and history experience that not only exceeded my expectations, it also made me feel that I wanted to learn more about Spain as well as continue to improve my language skills. They also provided encouragement and great recommendations for continuing to learn and practice Spanish at home.
For me it was a perfect week and I hope I will have the opportunity to return.

One of the Highlights of the Year
Spanish in Nature offers more than simply a well-crafted linguistic immersion program, it opens the door to the daily life of a Spanish family with real people willing to share a little bit of their intimacy. The experience engages us, the guests, not only at the intellectual level, but also at a deeper level. I was constantly invited to react, respond and share, which led to a rapid increase in fluency.
From the start, it is obvious that Esther and Alvaro have put a lot of thought and dedication into the program. All the elements are there to create the perfect experience – the nearby mountain range for hiking, a beautiful home with comfortable rooms, the well-appointed classroom, the delicious food eaten with the family, the well-planned activities, the easy pick-up and drop-off at the airport, etc.
With Alvaro and Laura as teachers, I was able to focus on my specific needs, deepening my understanding of the Spanish grammar and my grasp of the language. Both are excellent teachers who used various tools to make learning enjoyable – from cards to songs to comedy skits. My fluency in Spanish increased tremendously in a week. In fact, shortly after the course, I was able to conduct a 10 minute telephone conversation with a native Spanish speaker I did not know, almost seamlessly.
Spending a week at the home of Esther and Alvaro was one of the highlights of the year.

I had a great time here. I’m 80! We walked in the mountains, explored Madrid, ate great Vegan food (other options) and, of course, learnt Spanish. Intensive course without pressure.Eve, kwa.guided walks, Tenerife

To put my review in context I am a 34 year old man, working in finance in London. Prior to staying with Spanish in Nature (Esther & Alvaro) I was studying on an evening course twice a week in London and had just completed 60 hours of classroom lessons at the time I flew out to them (October 2018). 60 hours sounds like a lot but for me it was just enough to have some very very basic knowledge of Spanish with very little spoke. Spanish. Being an older student I was a bit nervous about what to expect. Having returned a couple of weeks ago I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences of my life not only for learning the language but also to have spent time with an amazing family and to have also learnt about Spanish culture and been able to experience different afternoons out in places I never would have seen in my life. From the moment you arrive every second is in Spanish. Being pretty new to the language it probably took my brain a day or two to start fully absorbing the words and phrases and to start committing them to memory. However you soon find yourself keen to speak and ask questions and have normal every day conversations that you’re never going to get in a classroom. My studying was tailored to my level of Spanish and I felt like the pace and the things that I learned were just the right amount for me. My tutor Alícia came to the house every morning for a few hours and we had classroom based lessons. She’s an excellent teacher and knows just how to structure the lessons to your specific level, I was very impressed. After the lesson I would then do a quick bit of homework, then we’d sit down for lunch and talk in Spanish about every day things. After lunch for the afternoon I was then fortunate to go hiking with Alvaro and/or Esther, into Madrid to see the city, or to go see flamenco or into Segovia. The days flew by and I was genuinely very sad to leave them after a week as very much felt part of their family, they are wonderful people and their children also engage with you over dinner to help you learn. The one regret for me is that I only stayed for one week. I think to really accelerate your learning, two weeks minimum is better as when you return you find yourself anderting questions in Spanish or just wanting to speak it every second. I can’t recommend Spanish in Nature enough, they are excellent and I’m hoping to return next year to learn more and spend time with them all! If anyone had any questions I’m happy if you want to reach out to me but I promise you will not be disappointed.

I spent 4 days with Esther and her family earlier this month. I went with a few others from our Spanish night school class that I attend in England. I was not sure what to expect, a little nervous that I might find myself out of my depth. I can honestly say that it was such an amazing experience. From the moment we met Esther at the airport I felt so welcome and the learning began immediately.They live in a beautiful part of Spain, with breath taking views even from their garden. I learnt a lot of Spanish, spoke a lot Spanish and ate a lot of Esther’s wonderful home cooking. Nothing was too much trouble. The whole family were so patient and took great care to ensure that we visited some lovely places and had lots of opportunities to speak Spanish. To be honest, it was just what I needed in order to move my learning on. Being taken away from daily concerns and just being able to concentrate on speaking and learning Spanish was invaluable. I can thoroughly recommend a stay with Spanish in Nature. I would go back tomorrow.

I spent a wonderful week with Esther, Alvaro and their family in their lovely home on the edge of the Guadarrama National Park. It was a fantastic opportunity to be totally immersed in the Spanish language, learn more about Spanish culture and history and eat really well! Each day was a perfect balance of lessons, conversation, activities and visits.

A truly excellent experience. Esther and her family are so kind and welcoming.
The days were filled from beginning to end with activity. Walking in the forests, visits to towns, castles, palaces and a microbrewery. All the visits were guided by either Esther or Alvaro who, both, provided a wealth of detail about all we saw.
All meals were freshly prepared Spanish food and extremely delicious and healthy.
Everything was conducted in Spanish. All at a level and pace that was understandable. If English was required to assist with explanation, then this was done, before returning to Spanish. I only have a basic level of Spanish and at no point was I allowed to feel out of my depth. Using Spanish all the time felt very natural in this environment and learning style.
I highly recommend the experience.

I have recently returned from a four day visit to Spanish in Nature. I attended with a small group of other students with whom I am studying Spanish.

I cannot speak highly enough of my visit and of Esther and Alvaro and their lovely children. Esther and Alvaro are very warm and genuine people for whom nothing is too much trouble. I do not think I have ever been made to feel more welcome in another person’s home.

They have a lovely house which is situated in a perfect location with a beautiful view of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains. They fed us extremely well and introduced us to typical Spanish foods as well as finding interesting trips to take us on including Segovia and the beautiful National Park which is close by.

Not only has my Spanish improved as a result of my visit but I feel that I have experienced a true introduction to the Spanish way of life. There is only one word needed to describe my visit, perfect! I cannot recommend Spanish in Nature highly enough.

Thank you Esther and Alvaro for a wonderful few days.

I have stayed a week at Esther and Alvaro’s place for Spanish lessons. They are lovely, easy going people with three great children. A family where you feel at home right away. They cook great spanish food and conversations take place around the kitchen table. I had three hours of private lessons a day, of great quality. It is possible to focus on the things you want to improve. The surroudings of the house are beautifull and perfectly suited for outdoor activities (we did great hikes and a mountainbike tour). In short, a great combination of learning and having fun!

Une famille très accueillante, qui cherche à faire découvrir la culture espagnole par des activités variées ( visites, excursions, activités sportives, spécialités culinaires…). Les cours sont donnés tous les jours le matin par la famille ou des enseignants extérieurs. Une façon d’apprendre ludique et enrichissante. La famille est très disponible et la vie avec eux est très sympathique et chaleureuse. Je recommande particulièrement SPANISH IN NATURE.

Our sons had an incredible, 2-week experience with Spanish in Nature. They came away with a much deeper appreciation of Spanish culture as well as much greater fluency in the language. When we spent a couple of days in Madrid after their stay with their host families outside Madrid, our sons received such nice compliments about how well they spoke the language. Choosing this program made all the difference in making the experience fun. Our sons got to go on exciting excursions such as kayaking and hiking. They also went to Madrid and Segovia for enriching cultural activities. The most important aspect was sharing these experiences with their host families, which really helped them learn and appreciate the culture. This element is so critically important because it makes the language come alive and become a part of them. Without reservation, we advise anyone to participate in Spanish in Nature. It offers a wonderful balance of language instruction, cultural immersion, and fun activities with host families and other children. All in all, an incredible experience for our kids.

Spanish in Nature is an absolutely incredible program. Our kids went for 2 weeks this July and are literally begging to return. They each loved their host families and the experience of really learning the culture. The Spanish classes were great and they were ability grouped so they could progress at their appropriate levels. When they came back to the US to start school they were given Spanish assessment tests and nearly passed out of a whole year from their learning and practice while in Spain. They really got to practice their Spanish daily during the camp activities with all the kids and everything was so memorable. We have told so many people about our experience I need to get signed up ASAP for next year before the spots are all taken. I highly recommend the program and Ms Esther Campos Pizarro makes it so easy by getting them upon arrival and communicating with photos of their days so we could see how happy they were. I am so happy I found the program, best part of my kids summer by far!

My son went for the first time in the summer of 2018 and now he is going back for February Half term. He had so much fun and learnt so much, this trip made him grow and develop in more ways than just learning a language. Easter and Anna the host family were wonderful and kept me up to date with my sons progress and his general mood. I was very impressed and felt very proud of my son. this program helps them not just to learn a managed but to understand it and the culture behind it. My son made many friends around the world and felt like he truly had a second home while there and still talks about his host family today as they meant so much to him. I couldn’t be more thankful to them all for making my sons experience one to remember. I would highly recommend this school and will continue to send my son in future years.

My son Thomas had an incredible experience at Spanish in nature this summer!!! He came back loving all things Spanish and having thoroughly enjoyed his host family, Esther and her husband, the morning classes, the water sports activities,the hikes through beautiful nature, the delicious food, the relaxed atmosphere … first thing he said when he got home is “can I go back next year?”!
Truly fantastic language summer camp, as a mum letting my 12 year old go abroad alone for the first time I felt he was in good caring safe hands. Thank you Esther!!!

Clothilde was very happy to discover spanish with friends from many country. She can learn more than 2 years of school, can appreciate spanish culture.
She enjoy ambience in the group and in family
She is waiting next summer to come back in Madrid

La mejor familia del mundo!! Gracias para todo, la acogida increible, y las comidad muy muuuuuy buenas, los cursos de español muy utiles con Alicia y Alvaro. Las actividades muy interesantes y divertidas. La vida con su familia super…

Recomendamos este viaje a todos nuestros amigos.

Gracias Esther, Alvaro, Lucía y Javier.

I have recently spent two weeks studying Spanish with my daughters (aged 13 and 7) at “Spanish in Nature,” the family-run language school at the foot of the mountains outside Madrid. Having come across this school on the Internet last year, I did not know what to expect. It was a wonderful experience. Not only are Alvaro and Esther, the school’s founders and its principal teachers, competent and professional, but also welcoming and generous. From the moment we arrived we felt part of their family. Classes took place in the mornings in the well-equipped “aula” in the family home. Alvaro diligently prepared each class, effectively alternating tough grammar drills with interesting lessons on Spanish and Latin American literature, cinema and current affairs. Esther was the warmest and most loving teacher to my youngest daughter, who was at her very first experience with formal training in a foreign language. The afternoons were dedicated to excursions and visits. El Boalo, the small town where the school is based, is blessed with cool temperatures and a great location, less than one hour away from terrific mountain hikes in the Sierra de Guadarrama and the major sites of Madrid and its museums and parks, the Escorial palace, the Valle de los Caidos, etc. Beautifully preserved historical towns of Avila, Toledo and Segovia are also close by. I would be seriously remiss not to mention the cuisine. Esther is a fantastic cook and we got treated to an ever changing variety of gazpachos and salmorejos, paellas, asados, pistos, tortillas, croquettes, barbecoas, and more. A great feast indeed. Most of all, it was our hosts’ warmth and generosity that made our time in Spain so precious. We are grateful to Esther and Alvaro for a great time, and very much look forward to returning to “Spanish in Nature” next year.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking for an authentic experience of life in Spain! Not only is the house in a gorgeous location at the edge of a national park, but the Campos family are some of the kindest, most accommodating individuals I have ever met. I cannot speak highly enough of the living situation, the food, the tours of Madrid, and the Spanish classes they offer at their house. There is no shortage of activities to do and the family makes sure the the guest has the opportunity to get to know the area and it’s culture with the host’s guidance. It is the experience of a lifetime, don’t miss out!!

I cannot recommend the school highly enough.
In one week I learned more than several weeks on a standard language course.
Everyone in the family is warm, friendly and helpful. Immediately you are made to feel welcome and at ease . All your interests and tastes are carefully catered for, from the food you eat, to your lesson plans, to your daily timetable. Anyone with any doubts or reservations will feel immediately reassured: they genuinely want you to have a wonderful experience.
The only downside is that I would have loved to have stayed longer!

William our 12 year old boy had a fantastic time time this easter . He as far from thrill to go to start with but loved everything , the family, the activities, the food and even the teaching. It was a perfect experience in all aspects.

My experience with the Spanish in Nature course was amazing. My goal was to be able to improve my Spanish while also being able to experience a different culture. This course allowed me to fulfill both of my goals. The daily Spanish classes really helped my grammatical proficiency and through out the day the Spanish immersion allowed me to improve significantly my conversation skills. I was able to learn about the Spanish culture first hand and visit many of beautiful monuments, historical sites, and cathedrals in Madrid and the surrounding areas. The food was great and the accommodations were wonderful. My week with Spanish in Nature was the best use of my spring break.

Muchas gracias por todo.Estaba muy feliz.Recomiendo a todos los,que quieran aprender español.La familia encantadora te dará la bienvenida y te sentirás como en su casa.

From the time I was collected at the airport by Esther, she was very warm and friendly. When I arrived at her house I was also greeted by the same warmth from her husband Alvaro and children.

The food was absolutely delicious, the children were as friendly as the parents.

For me the experience was amazing. And so genuine and natural. I don’t have a favourite part because I liked it all from sitting in the garden without the hustle and bustle of the city and all the different places we visited.

Esther was very accommodating by always giving me choices of what and where I wanted to go and do. I will definitely be revisiting next summer, with my son next time.

My Spanish has improved tenfold and I am now much more confident in speaking it.

Ted Ireland

We are mature students who have attended, over many years, Spanish language courses both in Spain and here in the UK.   During September 2017 we had a one week total immersion experience at “Spanish in Nature” – situated within the lovely Guardarrama National Park  not far from Madrid.      The school provided transport to/from the airport as well as daily, after school, visits to places of interest that we thoroughly enjoyed.

At “Spanish in Nature” –  the impressive high standard not only of teaching but: the accommodation, tasty meals and all-round attention to detail far exceeded our expectations.  Most importantly our language proficiency increased immeasurably.

All this leaves us with no hesitation in recommending  a stay with: Alvaro, Esther and family at “Spanish in Nature” –  you will not be disappointed.

Mike Thomas and Richard Galloway

I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable time than I encountered at your home. Thank you so much for helping me to immerse myself in your country, culture and language throughout my stay. The location of your house was breathtaking, your Spanish cuisine was superb and the conversations around the table added more flavor. My visit to your language school gave me the opportunity to practice my Spanish and get acquainted with your beautiful, helpful and kind family. I must also mention the fact that your accompanied me to the Care Doctor twice. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy days to ensure that I was in good health. I will definitely return as it has been a blessing to get to spend time with you all, in such a welcoming and supportive environment. As such, I will always treasure this educational, fun and memorable experience. I hope you see you all very soon. XXX

When looking for a solution for my teenage girls (12 and 14) to study spanish in Spain, I came across the offer of Spanish in Nature. It promised (and kept its promise) to offer a learning experience in a rural environment, where learning in the school building one part among others. Afternoon activities such as horse riding, hiking, mountain biking or cooking not only offered fun, compagnionship and real life practice of the newly acquired language skills – my girls loved every single afternoon. The warmth of the host families not only made my girls feel super-cosy, but also were an assurance for us as parents, that the spanish in Nature camp was the perfect alternative for the early teenage age group compared to a school in the cities: Inspiration and outdoor activities in a beautiful surrounding instead of going shopping or to a disco as a highlight of the day (as it seems to be in many urban language schools).
My daughters took home a great alround experience, and obviously they have profited for their upcoming school year. Thank you Esther&family,
ina (Berlin)

Fantastic learning program in a wonderful location, excellent mixte of outdoor activities and city discoveries. Tailored made learning, great families to spend evenings and share memories with. I can’t change the rating to 5 stars…technoligical issue – but overall it deserves 10 ! Great organisation, small enough to be flexible, but very well organised. Thanks Again for Eliott who is now happy to speak spanish home (with himself I am afraid !). Expect to see Eliott back and our 2 other sons soon ! PLease not that We would be also interested to spend one week learning as a familiy – -starting from scratch for 4 members – + Eliott -. Many thanks again. Stephanie

I had 10 days to discover Madrid with my new foster family and friends from other countries and to be honest it was one of the best part of my summer holidays ! Every morning we had Spanish lessons in groups (depending on our level) and the afternoon we had amazing activities like cooking, biking, horse back riding … Next year for sure I am coming back
thank you Esther for those amazing holidays

I spent two weeks at the camp with my sister in separate host families and had a memorable time there. In the afternoon we conducted a lot of activities as Spanish class. It was very bonding when our host families joined. I hope to come back next year.

During the time of two weeks I had a wonderful opportunity to expand my Spanish skills and learn about Spanish culture. I felt welcome in my host family and felt that I could ask them when I needed help. I really enjoyed the two weeks in Spain.

Thank you for everything, Esther. Darcy very happy and talkative. She enjoyed the 2weeks a lot and wants to return next year. Well done!!!

Our 14 year old daughter traveled to Spanish in Nature this summer and had a wonderful experience. It was the perfect setting for her, and that is why we chose it over the many other language programs abroad. It is small and intimate. Esther and Alvaro are warm and caring, and that immediately comes through when you skype with them. You know right away your kid will be safe. Our daughter was one of 6 kids, all teens from different countries, who went to spend 1-2 weeks there. They broke into groups (according to their proficiency with Spanish) in the mornings and then later in the day did fun outdoor excursions. Each kid lives with a host family, who are well known to Esther and Alvaro. Not only do the kids interact with the other teens during the day but also with Esther and Alvaro’s 3 kids, and the host family’s kids too. Our daughter is on the shy reserved side, but this camp was loving and safe, the perfect choice. I only wish we had sent her for longer!

Our family had an amazing week with Esther, Alvaro and their family! My children (ages 4, 6 and 10) acquired language, learned about the Spanish culture, made friends and had fun! Our experience with Spanish in Nature has my kids very interested in learning more Spanish, and they are insisting I speak Spanish with them at home. I had a great week of classes with Alvaro. His lessons were perfectly suited to my needs as a language learner, and his methods kept me interested and engaged. Esther and Alvaro made us feel so welcome in their home, and our time with them was our best travel experience yet!

We spent an amazing week with the Spanish in Nature Family. Esther, Alvaro and their kids gave us a warm welcome and made the week fly by. With morning Spanish lessons, tailored to our beginner level, and “learning by doing” lessons at mealtimes, during games with the kids or cooking in the kitchen and during the fabulous outings that they organized. The mix of cultural and adventure outings was great for my 12 and 14 year olds. Their favorite was the rock climbing – mine the visit to Segovia. Thank you for such a memorable stay. If you are ever looking for a host in California – let us know :)

Wonderful experience. Both Alvaro, Esther, and their children could not have been friendlier, or more patient with our Spanish learning. Our family is mixed in our spanish speaking abilities with our teenagers already being well advanced over my wife and I. They handled this perfectly and adjusted both classes and conversations towards our respective levels. Our living area and their house was so clean, roomy, and comfortable!!

We previously did a home-stay in Costa Rica and although we loved Costa Rica, Spanish in Nature exceeded all expectations and was significantly better for practicing/learning spanish. A big reason is class doesn’t end with the classroom session but continues during all meals and past-times. The family took us on excursions to museums, castles, and ancient Roman towns you would not normally see on a trip to Madrid. They took us on mountain hikes, one of their favorite pastimes, but more importantly, they used every excursion as an opportunity to teach spanish from the different words you learn in class to just basic conversations while on a hike.

Their cooking is fabulous and love of their own country and desire to show it to you is contagious. My kids enjoyed every single day there; so much they literally want to move there. My teenagers attended Lucia’s (their oldest daughter) school one day, we went out one night for drinks and a live band downtown in the small town they live near. We begrudgingly left for Barcelona for the remainder of our holiday. We honestly feel like we left friends that we hope to keep for a long-long time and if anyone in their family comes to the US, we would love to host them.

Gedurende twee weken woonde ik bij Esther en Álvaro en hun drie kinderen in hun mooie huis met tuin en zwembad. Doordeweeks kreeg ik drie uur per dag afwisselende en interessante lessen van Álvaro. Met hem bezocht ik een mooi kasteel. Met Esther maakte ik veel culturele uitstapjes naar musea. Verder trokken we de prachtige, bergachtige natuur in. Door het intensieve en prettige contact met het gezin, kreeg ik de kans heel veel in het Spaans te converseren. Een echte aanrader voor wie zijn Spaans op een leuke en snelle manier wil verbeteren. Bovendien bieden zij voor iedereen programma’s op maat aan, bv. met golfen of andere activiteiten.

Staying with Esther and her family was a fantastic experience. All of them were very welcoming and by the first night I felt very comfortable. They were very inclusive and made sure I was speaking constantly and practicing my Spanish as much as possible. They cater the experience to what you want to do and have a lot of fun activities to choose from. For example, I hiked El Yelmo with them, went to a modern Flamenco class, and got a coffee with Esther and her friends. It was all very fun and wish that I had more than just 3 days with them! They also prepared very fresh, healthy meals that were delicious and even taught you had to prepare some plates like tortilla and paella. The Spanish classes with Alvaro were long, but great. He worked to make the activities interesting and caters it to what you are most interested in learning. He has so much patience and explains things very well making sure that you completely understand everything. My grammar got better over the 3 days with the lessons, but for improving in talking I needed more days with them. This experience exceeded my expectations, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. They are very nice and caring, and I felt like a part of their family after only 3 days with them. I would recommend this 100%. It is a great location, especially if you are a person who loves the outdoors, and an amazing family

Having studied Spanish on and off for many years, I have always been disappointed in my progress because of lack of meaningful conversation practice. You just don’t get this when your main contacts are waiters, hotel staff and shopkeepers, and conversations in lessons in the UK always seem quite artificial !
I found that a week’s stay with Spanish in Nature ,speaking only Spanish, gets over these problems,and I improved my vocabulary and gained confidence. Any previous fears I had about undertaking a week of only speaking Spanish were dispelled on the first day. Esther, Alvaro and their family were very patient with me, and if I didn’t understand the first time we found Spanish words that got me there in the end. It was nice to be able to have normal conversations in Spanish about everyday subjects.
The right balance was struck between between formal lessons and excursions into the countryside, to Madrid, Segovia and other historic towns. I also managed a half day skiing and scrabbled up rocks in the beautiful National Park to view vultures, eagles and mountain goats !
It was a great balance between learning and speaking Spanish and having a holiday in a region of Spain you would not normally visit.
I can thoroughly recommend a stay with Spanish in Nature.

This year’s winter holidays were exceptional – my children and I spent one week in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Esther´s and Alvaro´s. Since I had the pleasure of visiting them before, I knew that they would try their best to make us feel at home with them. Meanwhile, I didn’t know how my six and nine-year old children would react to the Spanish food, foreign language, and an environment to which they aren’t accustomed. However, when we came into their house these fears disappeared, and I was completely calm.

From the first meal they really enjoyed the food and they were pleasantly surprised. After that the children disappeared to find out about the new surroundings and play with Javier, Amor and Lucía. Each day gave us many new experiences: lots of different games and activities, preparation of meals, horseback riding, a visit to the fire brigade, trips to the mountains and to the centre of Madrid, a visit to an unusual museum dedicated to the mouse “Perez”, breakfast bar tasting “churros con chocolate” and finally an unforgettable visit to the Spanish school, where children spent the morning attending classes with Javier and with a nice and friendly school staff.
Not only did the children have a nice time, but they also wanted to learn Spanish. In fact, they learned more than I could have imagined. They learned a lot during the classes with Esther, Amor and Lucía and were inspired to learn more. From morning to evening my children bombarded them with questions about everything. They tried to communicate in Spanish and when they saw that they were able to do it, they were very proud of themselves.
Amazingly, I even had time to deepen my knowledge, to practice the language and also to relax and reflect.
The time flew by and one week went by quickly. It was difficult to say goodbye. But we have already booked our next visit!

Learning Spanish whilst hiking in the mountains, playing golf, playing padel, going for beers, doing the sights was perfect for me. Esther, Alvaro and their children made me feel very at home and they made a big effort to adapt the programme to me and my interests. A great way to improve your Spanish and have fun at the same time.

I spent a highly memorable week being fully immersed in Spanish culture, thanks to Spanish In Nature. I felt welcome from the outset, meeting Esther, Alvaro and their three children, who accommodated me, my interests, and tailored my Spanish experience. They even surprised me with a little Spanish celebration for my birthday, cake and all! The lessons in the mornings were always interesting and challenging, with the use of music and videos – I always learnt something new and surprising, both about the language and the culture. Each afternoon was a chance to explore another aspect of Madrid and the surrounding areas, and I particularly enjoyed the hiking in Guadarrama National Park, with some absolutely stunning views. The week was busy and varied, but with many opportunities to relax and enjoy the landscape and culture of El Boalo and Madrid. It was great to see the real Spain, and not just the tourist attractions, making it feel like I had a more authentic experience. They encouraged me to practise speaking in Spanish throughout, so much so that I even found myself thinking in the language. I don’t think I spoke English at all until I returned home. For me this was a really fun, rewarding and memorable experience, and it has improved my confidence, both in Spanish and in general. It has definitely inspired me to plan my next trip to España.

My husband, daughter and I had an amazing week staying with Alvaro and Esther and their three lovely children in August. It exceeded all expectations. As any family would be, we were really apprehensive, before we went, wondering and worrying about what it would be like to stay with complete strangers in their home but our worries vanished instantly on arrival because we were made to feel so welcome and by the end of the week, we felt that we had known the family for years. No family could be more friendly and hospitable. The purpose of our visit was for our 12 year old daughter to improve her Spanish beyond the little she had done in a term and a half in her first year at senior school. She had a three hour formal lesson each day, being one-to-one tuition with Alvaro and she thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. We went on some really interesting trips during our week, including spending a day exploring Madrid. Our daughter enjoyed rock climbing with Alvaro and Lucia, his elder daughter and canoeing with all the family. Our first meal soon after arrival was a lovely lunch of paella, cooked outside by Alvaro and all the meals in the week were mouth-wateringly delicious. The weather was fantastic and we really enjoyed the Spanish way of life with the afternoon siesta out of the heat of the day and lovely after dinner chats late into the evening. The house was situated in beautiful surroundings and it was all so peaceful. It really was a most idyllic week and one we very much hope to repeat. The worst part of the week was saying goodbye at the end and we were so sad to leave.

Our daughter Manon, who is an intermediate Spanish student, age 15, spent two weeks with Spanish in Nature this summer and she absolutely LOVED it. Lots of fun activities which were both educational, cultural and outdoors – and all of it completely in Spanish – was really amazing. She came back home speaking really well with lots of confidence. We cannot recommend enough: the welcome, the warm, supportive family life, the Spanish way of doing it, well – were all amazing. I would not hesitate to have my daughter Manon return there and her little brother is also on the list!!! She had one of the best times of her life (so little brother is keen!!) ��

Sending our 14 year old daughter to Spanish in Nature this Summer, turned out to be great decision. She stayed there for 2 weeks and came home very happy and full of positive impressions. We didn’t want to send her to a big school, crowded with students and Spanish in Nature seemed as a perfect choice. We would highly recommend the school – it has a lovely family atmosphere and perfect combination of learning and fun activities. Our daughter was encouraged to use Spanish as much as possible. She gained her confidence in Spanish, while also exploring and enjoying Madrid, wonderful nature and meeting new friends. During her stay she felt safe and welcomed and would love to come again. Thank you Esther and Alvaro!

Mon fils de 15 ans a découvert l espagnol grâce a Spanish In Nature. Le mélange de cours, d intégration dans une famille très bien choisie, d un encadrement attentif et toujours disponible, et de sport dans un lieu très nature, a été un merveilleux facteur déclencheur pour notre fils. Cet organisme mérite d être mieux connu !

Muchas gracias por una semana muy buena en julio 2016. Me encantó todo, las clases, la comida, la casa y el tiempo. Me gustó mucho todas las actividades después de las clases ¡me encantó montar a caballo!.

¡Sois una familia fantástica!. Mi español es más bueno gracias a vosotros. Espero que mis clases de español en la escuela y mis exámenes sean muy buenas.

Otra vez, ¡muchas gracias!

The two weeks I spent in Spain are among the most memorable of my life. The program offers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish in a one on one classroom setting as well as by immersion, all the while experiencing Spain`s unique culture, attractions, histories and food.

The family is very nice and accommodationg, the community instantly makes you feel included and the surrounding mountains and forests are breathtaking. Not to mention the magnificent city of Madrid which you can spend days touring and Segovia ofcourse.

My biggest complaint is that I wasn’t able to stay longer!

Les deux semaines que j’ai passé en Espagne sont parmi les plus mémorables de ma vie. Ce stage offre l’opportunité unique d’apprendre l’espagnol non seulement dans le format d’un cours particulier avec un professeur mais aussi en immersion dans le langage, aussi bien que dans la culture, les attractions, l’histoire et bien sûr la nourriture espagnol.

La famille est très gentille et accommodant, la communauté hospitalier et l’environnement simplement à couper le souffle! Sans parler de la ville de Madrid, où on peut passer plusieurs journées.

Ma plus grande plainte, c’est de ne pas pourvoir y rester plus longtemps!


Al final de mayo estuve en El Boalo, en el corazón del Parque Natural del Guadarrama, para hacer un curso de inmersión “Español en la naturaleza”. Pasé una experiencia muy única, porque la familia era fenomenal. Me trataron como si fuera de su familia, me cocinaron riquísimo y tradicional de España y me dedicaron un montón de tiempo de calidad. Con la variedad de las actividades, por ejemplo: participación en la vida de la familia, en los eventos locales; senderismo, ciclismo, escalar, nadar, visitar Madrid y Segovia etc. fue imposible aburrirse. La combinación de este entretenimiento con hablar solo español, para mí, fue la mejor manera para aprender el idioma. Aparte de inmersión total, tenía tres horas de clases formales cada día.

Estoy muy sorprendida como he mejorado mi nivel de español, solo durante una semana – ahora tengo mucha más confianza de hablar en español, sin ayuda de inglés.

Esther, Álvaro y sus hijos son personas particularmente abiertas, cariñosas, pacientes e interesantes, por eso no tengo ninguna duda en recomendar estos cursos a nadie.

At the end of May I stayed in El Boalo, Madrid for an immersion course called “Spanish in Nature” (as it’s located in the heart of Guadarrama National Park, in the mountains). It’s been an unusual experience to me,  the family that provided me with everything in their own house were amazing. They’ve treated me like one of them, cooked delicious Spanish food and spent with me a lot of quality time. With the variety of activities I had every day (like participating in the local events, family life, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, cycling, visiting Madrid and Segovia and so on) it was impossible to be bored. To combine such entertainment with speaking Spanish all the time, to me, was the best way to acquire the language. Apart from that, I had 3 hours of proper classes every day. I’m surprised how one week of the course made me more confident speaking Spanish and not Spanglish.
Esther, Álvaro and their children are particularly open, caring, patient and interesting people and I would totally recommend their courses to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish.

Soy de Inglaterra , cerca Brighton y estoy aprendiendo español para ayudar en
mi vacaciones este año en Perú y Ecuador. Empecé estudiar español hace diez
meses. Mi mentor en Inglaterra ha dicho que la experiencia mejor era vivir en España y recomendó
Esther y Álvaro en SPANISH IN NATURE.
Viven en una casa en un pueblo pequeño en la Sierra de Guadarrama, un parque
nacional, aproximadamente cuarenta minutos del centro de Madrid. Viven con
sus tres niños encantadores. Todo el día hablamos español y no permitía
hablar inglés. Cada mañana tuve clases por tres horas con Álvaro y después
del almuerzo salimos a visitar Madrid o caminar en las montañas de la Sierra
a observar los aves. El sábado fuimos en una expedición por seis horas
observando los aves con un grupo organizado por SEO birdlife. Vimos muchos
aves incluidas algunas la primera vez para mi ( nombres inglés ) Booted
Eagle, Black Vulture, Black Redstart and a Cirl Bunting.
En principio  los dos días  primeros fue muy difícil y cansado pero mejoré.
Esther y la familia fueron muy agradables y mas importante hablaron
despacio. ¿Fue útil? Si por supuesto, tengo más confianza, puedo entender
más español y generalmente la gente me puede entender.  ¿Aprenderé  la
diferencia entre por y par? Es una buena pregunta. Quizá……..una día. RECOMIENDO

I spent a wonderful week with Esther, Alvaro and their family. It was the first time I have attended a language course and I enjoyed it so much! The one week every day and all day language class was very productive. Esther and Alvaro are very professional and patient teachers, the lessons were tailor made and stress free. The family contact is very important, and their friends are so welcoming. They are more than just teachers. Having arrived as a student I left as a friend. I enjoyed my stay so much, I have learned a lot and the activities were great> nature at its best and sight seeing to improve the use of the learned language. Segovia, Madrid, El Escorial, The Guadarama mountains – soi much to see. I consider to arrange another course! Thank you for a wonderful week! Muchas gracias y hasta luego

Spanish in Nature is very well organised. I really enjoyed the canoeing, visiting Madrid, trekking, cooking and going to the cinema. I loved talking around the dinner table with the family and playing games.

Thank you, a great experience.

Spanish in Nature está muy bien organizado. Yo disfruté con todas las actividades, me encantó practicar español en la mesa durante la cena con toda la familia, también fue muy divertido jugar a juegos de mesa con todos.

Muchas gracias, ha sido una gran experiencia.

Fue una semana perfecta!!! He mejorado el español y disfrute de todo mucho. Mi actividad favorita fue la canoa, especialmente con la familia de Esther, su hermano, sobrino y cuñada. También me gustó mucho Segovia, porque era muy bonita y relajada. El paseo por el Parque Nacional era hermoso y poder vivir las fiestas del pueblo fue muy guay. También me encantó que pudimos visitar Madrid y el rastro era muy divertido.

Gracias Alvaro, Esther, Lucia, Amor y Javier.

I spent the week of 21st of June to the 28th of June 2015 participating in the course EN CASA DEL PROFESOR, at the home of Alvaro and Esther. No matter what your level of Spanish may be I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Initially it is quite daunting throwing yourself in at the deep end (no English is spoken, although all the family speak a high level of English), but after a while it’s no longer a challenge but enjoyable. All the family are more than willing to help you, and you don’t feel foolish when you make a mistake, you realise it’s part of the learning curve, and in time the mistakes become less and less. There’s no pressure whatsoever and you learn at your pace, and that’s a massive help and relief. The lessons seem to fly by and Alvaro’s a great teacher. The real learning however takes place outside the classroom, talking with the family, their relatives, their friends. The activities that are available are second to none, and nothing is too much for the family to arrange for you. Madrid’s not too far an well worth a visit. To conclude, this course is well worth doing for so many different reasons, and when you leave you know the family will be your friends for life. I hope to return to do the course again in the future.

Esta ha sido una de mis mejores experiencias de mi vida hasta ahora. Cuando llegas eres bienvenido con tanta amabilidad y te sientes como un miembro de la familia y mientras estas allí, eres un miembro de la familia. Estas inmerso al 100% y es verdaderamente el mejor metodo para mejorar tu español. Alvaro y Esther son grandes profesores y los niños hablan mucho contigo, todos tienen paciencia cuando pareces estar teniendo problemas con el idioma. No importa tu nivel de español, necesitas intentar esta experiencia. No te vas a lamentar, y aunque cuando llegues es posible que vas a sentir la relación de maestro alumno, cuando sales sabes que tienes unos amigos.

I had one of the best time in my life when I did the Spanish language course. The school Spanish in Nature was amazing. The teachers were nice and teach very good. The activities we did after school were a lot of fun. For example, we went to Madrid and we ride horses.

Next year I want to come again, it was really nice week. And I have learned a lot in a week.

Alvaro and Esther, GRACIAS por todo, fue maravilloso!

Dear Alvaro, Esther and all the family. Thank you for the amazing time that I had here, for all the things I have learned, for the great people I met and of course for the delicious (vegetarian) food.

I hope to come back someday. I will always remember these two weeks.

Queridos Alvaro y Esther. Gracias por las dos semanas increibles, la gente muy simpática, muchas palabras nuevas y una cocina buenísima. QUIERO VOLVER ALGUN DIA!!!! Yo recordaré este verano siempre.

Hola! I spent a fantastic week staying with Esther, Alvaro and their children in July last year. They were extremely friendly, welcoming and, most importantly, great language teachers. Their home is within easy reach of Madrid but, at the same time, completely tranquil and very much in the Spanish countryside. I learnt tonnes of Spanish and even went to the local village evening meal where the locals bring their own cutlery and eat from a giant communal pot of stew! It was the cultural highlight of my Spanish trip! Having spent time in English-speaking countries, they know where anglophones are coming from in terms of language learning, which is important. Bueno, en pocas palabras, se lo recomiendo de todo corazon!

It has been a while since me and my two children visited you and your language school. But we already have plans to come back. We have learned so much about the Spanish language, but also about your rich culture and Spanish cuisine. We felt very welcome and enjoyed all of the activities. Wether it was in Madrid city, or the great Mountains or just swimming in the swimming pool. We are sure to come back and enjoy!!!

Desde que os visitamos no dejamos de pensar en el momento que volveremos a reunirnos con vosotros. Aprendimos mucho de la lengua, la cultura y la comida. Nos sentimos realmente bien venidos y disfrutamos mucho de las actividades en Madrid y en la montaña. Nos veremos otra vez!!!

Fue sus colegio en 2013 de verano. Pasé un semana en Madrid de su casa y estudiar el español con sus familia. Ambiente de sus colegio es muy fantástico y muy divertido. Creo que mi capacidad del español mejorar porque estuve pasar en sus casa con sus familia. Recomendó este colegio que quiere estudiar español.

Wonderful environment for Spanish learning. Small village setting with easy access to historic cities and national parks creates a unique way to experience Spanish culture while being immersed in a supportive language learning environment. Highly recommended.

Maravilloso sitio para aprender español. Un pueblo pequeño muy cercano al centro de Madrid y rodeado de montañas y naturaleza. El mejor lugar para aprender la cultura y la lengua española, mientras estas inmenso en la vida cotidiana y en un entorno precioso. Altamente recomendable.

“Impresionante lugar para aprender español, gran familia y profesores. Es como estar en casa. Gracias Esther!!”

“Gracias por vuestra atención, ha sido una gran experiencia para mejorar mi español y conocer vuestras costumbres. Me ha encantado todo, el entorno, la casa, la familia …. y la comida.”

Soy profesora de español como lengua extranjera en Suecia. Como el español no es mi lengua materna es muy importante para mí buscar las posibilidades para practicarlo, ampliar mi vocabulario y encontrar inspiración para poder motivar a mis alumnos.

Ya durante mi primera experiencia en la casa de Esther y Álvaro entendí que era un sitio dónde iba a poder desarrollarme como profesora. Las clases con Álvaro me recordaban el tiempo de mis estudios cuando podía discutir las cuestiones lingüísticas de una manera profunda y detallada con un profesor competente y comprometido. Los temas de las clases eran muy variados. Hablamos del cine, de la música, de la literatura y de la sociedad. Había temas clásicos y actuales. Nunca olvidaré las clases que trataban del sentido del humor y durante las que vimos actuar a los humoristas españoles más populares. Me estaba muriendo de risa.

Los métodos y el material que Álvaro utilizaba durante las clases me inspiraron y me dieron ideas nuevas que luego podía usar durante mis propias clases con mis alumnos, de repente muy animados para estudiar más.

Lo que ha gustado mucho a mis alumnos era también que por fin podía cantarles cosas que no suelen leer en sus libros de español. Cosas cotidianas que se ve y que se aprende sólo cuando se participa en la vida de una familia española. ¡Muchas gracias, Esther y Álvaro, para su hospitalidad durante mis cuatro estancias en su casa!

Como profesor de español para extranjeros no nativo en UK, lo que buscaba de mi estancia con Esther y su familia era la confianza paraestar enfrente de mi primer clase con alumnos, sabiendo que podría hablar con bastante fluidez. No quedé decepcionado.  Desde el primer momento Esther me habló y me hizo muchas preguntas, así que fue inevitable que mi fluidez y confianza creciera cada día. Me encontraba muy bien en la familia y  Esther y su marido Alvaro hicieron esfuerzos para adaptar el programa a mis intereses y mis necesidades. Otra ventaja de esta estancia fue el aprendizaje de las expresiones informales que suelen utilizarse habitualmente en las conversaciones reales y que no encontrarás en los libros de texto.  A mis alumnos les gusta aprender estas expresiones. Además aprendí mucho más de la cultura española y por eso puedo introducir estos aspectos en mis clases – algo que no habría sido posible sin esta experiencia tan inolvidable. Ahora estoy planeando llevar un grupo de mis propios alumnos, para que ellos también puedan aprovechar esta oportunidad.

Si pudiera subiría a un avión ahora mismo para pasar otra semana con Esther, Alvaro y sus hijos. Mi estancia con ellos me hizo crecer a nivel profesional (profesora de español en secundaria, Bostón) y personal. Las clases con Alvaro me ayudaron a mejorar mis destrezas lingüísticas y resolver algunas dudas del idioma que tenía. Además, aprendí unos métodos de enseñanza y actividades nuevas que ya he usado en mis propias clases con mucho éxito. Yo estaba buscando un programa que me ayudase a ser una maestra mejor y lo encontré. Pero lo que hace que este programa sea único es la oportunidad de vivir con y conocer a esta familia. Me encantaron las excursiones que hicimos a la montaña e incluso a la carnicería. Y lo que más me gustó, los momentos juntos que solo tienes cuando pasas mucho tiempo con alguien, cuando te mueres de risa por algo o cuando una conversación llega a ser más profunda y conoces mejor a alguien. Esa semana siempre será una experiencia significativa en mi vida. ¡¡Y espero regresar algún día!!