Why is it worth visiting Spanish in Nature?


Spain has 45 World Heritage Sites and our school is in a wonderful location surrounded by 7 World Heritage Sites, all of them between 10 minutes walking and 60 minutes by car. Moreover, Madrid itself is an outstanding place.

What do you know about these 7 wonders? Segovia, with a magnificent Roman aqueduct and a splendid gothic cathedral; Avila, with its medieval city wall, cathedral and churches; Toledo, a city of three cultures, a notable record of history; Aranjuez, with its lovely gardens and Royal Palace; El Escorial Monastery where the Spanish kings erected the biggest renascence building ever; Alcalá de Henares, Cervantes´ hometown and a place of one of the most ancient universities in Europe; and finally – the closest of all to our school, el Camino de Santiago, the ancient route that leads pilgrims from different points to Santiago de Compostela, passing through our school from Madrid.

Spanish in Nature is located in the Guadarrama National Park, an extraordinary environment. Inside the park there are two protected areas: Peñalara Lagoon and Peak, the highest peak in Madrid (2430 m) with its glacier lagoon; and La Pedriza, a natural jewel made of granite spires and peaks, home of the Hispanic goat and vulture. Besides, we have two ski areas, Navacerrada and Valdesquí, and a cross-country ski track, just 15 minutes by car.

Yet, there is more to experience in the Guadarrama mountain range: little villages with traditional granite houses, delicious gastronomy (excellent calf meat with a certificate of origin), and growing cultural life. Especially in summer, you will be delighted to enjoy local festivals, with lots of activities, dances, lunch meetings… The Boloencierro in Mataelpino and other towns is becoming very popular (it involves giant cork balls rolling downhill to chase runners as bulls would do).

Shall we say something about Madrid? You may visit the old town and find out about the history of Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace, churches, cosy squares and alleys, where you can enjoy yourself in traditional Spanish restaurants (the oldest restaurant in the world is in Madrid) and tapas bars… or take a walk in El Retiro, a huge garden in the city centre, with a lake, beautiful fountains and monuments.

Madrid also has an intense cultural life: plenty of museums, like Reina Sofía (where Guernica is), Thyssen, Sorolla, to name a few. You must visit El Prado, considered one of the finest art galleries in the world. Apart from arts, science is all around the city too – Natural Sciences Museum, Archaeological Museum or Planetarium, are just some of them.

If you visit us, you will live a unique experience, immersed in our Spanish language, culture and language. We have a programme designed to you needs, no matter your age or interests. You can come by yourself or in a group, all year round.

In Spanish summer camps, the youngest students enjoy horse riding, hiking, kayaking or mountain biking. They can also try skiing (winter camps) or rock climbing.

But…, why only the youngest? What would you like to do while you are learning Spanish with us? Go to the theatre, flamenco show, fishing, play golf…? We can arrange it for you and make your experience unforgettable.

Spanish in Nature is worth a visit because we offer a real Spanish full immersion, mix of teaching and perfect experiences to improve your Spanish while you enjoy a wonderful holiday.