How to book a course:

To secure a place on Spanish in Nature course, please return the Registration Form together with payment of non-refundable deposit (10% of the total price) at sin@spanishinnature.com

Payment of fees:

On receipt of the application and deposit a letter of confirmation is sent with a statement of fees which should be settled at least 4 weeks before the course starting date. Please note: students will not be allowed to start their course unless FULL PAYMENT has been received by the School. All bank charges must be paid by the student.

Visa students

If you require a visa the school will provide the visa letter or Certificate of Acceptance of studies (CAS) only when full payment has been received by the school. All bank charges must be paid by the student. In the event of an unsuccessful application all fees will be returned in full, less the cost of the CAS.

Accommodation address

Accommodation begins on the Sunday before the course stars and finishes on the day after the course ends. The students will receive details of their host family at least 1 week before the course starting date, unless they enrol late.

Should a student wish to change family, we will do so after giving due consideration and in discussion with both student and family. Accommodation is offered subject to availability, and should be booked well in advance, especially at high season

Accommodation fees are non-refundable.

Conditions for cancelling or changing a course by student

.The cancellation should be by email.

. If the school receives the cancellation before the course starting date, the school always will retain the deposit.

. We refund the totallity (except deposit) if the course is cancel 45 days before the course starts.

. We refund 50% if the course is cancel between 44 to 30 days before the course starts.

. We refund 70% if the course is cancel between 20 to 15 days before the course starts.

. We don,t refund anything if the course is cancel 15 days before the course starts.

. No refunds will be made for courses cancelled after the due start date. Students are expected to attend all classes during the enrolment period. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. illness/bereavement) some fees may be refunded at the end of the course, at the discretion of management.

.Student who choose to exchange their original choice of course for one of greater value must pay the difference between the two at the time of requesting the upgrade.

.If a student is denied a student visa or study permit and provides the school with a copy of the rejection letter on or before the first day of classes, the school will refund the course fees with a charge of 200 euros.

Changes or Cancellation of a course by the school

Sometimes it is agreed between the School and a student that it would be beneficial for the student to be moved to another school course.

When this happens only a course of at least equivalent cost will be offered by the school.

The school reserves the right to cancel a course, or make changes to course arrangements, without liability, if forced to do so for reasons beyond its control. If this happened, the school would seek to offer alternative arrangements, date or venues.

If the school cancelled a course booked and paid for by a student in accordance with these terms other than for reasons beyond its control, and did not offer an alternative acceptable to the student, the School would pay compensation as follows:

.When the cancellation is before the start of the course, compensation equal to the deposit paid by the student or

.When the cancellation is after the start of the course, compensation equal to one week´s fees.


For group courses of two weeks and longer, adult students are expected to buy the core text-book at market value. Text-books in good condition may be re-sold to the school and be then provided second-hand at a discount in subsequent courses. For some tailored courses (e.g. General + Exam Spanish), more than one text-book may be necessary. Junior students are supplied with the necessary materials for their courses.

Liability and Insurance

Students will have insurance to cover medical costs and repatriation costs in the case of an illness or accident.

The school acts only as an intermediary between its students and insurance company,

The school reserves the right not to allow on the course a student suffering from any illness, medical condition, or mental or physical disability which has not been disclosed on the Registration form.

Personal information

We use the personal information that you give us, including information about your health and religious or dietary requirements, to perform our contract with you. We may also use it to ensure that we comply with Spanish law, for internal training, or to send you further information about our courses and services. We do not share your details with third parties other than a necessary to perform our contract with you. The information you give us is kept securely on our computer system, and is accessible by the school and offices in the group of companies to which the school belongs, including those outside the European Union. If you do not want to receive further information from us, please write to us at the address below. Please contact us if you want to see a copy of the information we hold, or have questions about our use of your information.

Further conditions specific to Young Learners (10-17 years)

The school reserves the right to issue disruptive students with a warning letter and, if there is no improvement in behaviour, to send them home at their parents´ expense.

The school further reserves the right to send home without a warning letter any student committing a serious offence, especially one involving the police, and to include the following: theft, smoking in the school building, the possession of, purchase of or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs.

For children who will stay with host families, parents may indicate on the Registration Form whether they authorise their child to stay out in the evenings without supervision. Generally, this means that children aged 13 and under are not allowed out unsupervised after their evening meal, those aged 14 and above return by 22:00. However, students must also respect the house rules of the host family, where these times may inconvenience the family. Please note: That the school cannot be held responsible for any incident while the student is out unsupervised.

Student aged 18 and over must register for an adult school. The school reserves the right to transfer an 18 year old from a Young Learners´ Course.

The school reserves the right to use photographs taken during courses to illustrate its promotional material. Please indicate on the registration form if you are not happy for your child´s photograph to be used by Spanish in Nature. These photos have no commercial or contractual value.

Information about the school

The school is open all year around, excep from January 1th to 7th.

In these terms “the school” means the SPANISH IN NATURE where you book your course.

NIF: 5404552N
C/ Navalapuerta 1
28413 El Boalo